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Good-bye to HMI
May-June 2008
Scanning the Social Sciences
May-June 2008
Home of the Humanities
May-June 2008
Flocking to Finance
May-June 2008
The Talking Cure
March-April 2008
"Tyrant Fever's" Trigger
March-April 2008
Old and New in Chicago
January-February 2008
Retooling Tech Transfer
January-February 2008
Harvard Portrait: Bruce Western
January-February 2008
Theatrical Debut
January-February 2008
Taking Stock of Celebrity
January-February 2008
A New Dean Designs Without Borders
November-December 2007
Faculty Well-Being: A Status Report
November-December 2007
Think Tank for Aid Workers
November-December 2007
Googling Google
November-December 2007



Afloat: Unwinding on the Bay with quahogs
Aug. 21, 2006
Black improv group is liberal with the laughs
Jan. 19, 2006
Jean Genius
Jan. 8, 2006
An amazing mom
Dec. 25, 2005
In Downcity, a night out with Nick and carol
Dec. 9, 2005
Yoga: Rules for "the game of life"
Oct. 13, 2005
An emotional journey for filmmaking couple
Aug. 26, 2005
Conimicut Point. What a pleasant beach, except:
Aug. 21, 2005
Behind the scenes at WaterFire: Joe and Steve won't let dry weather get in the way
Aug. 14, 2005
They called it Victory Day
Aug. 8, 2005
From LHS to NYC boutiques
March 16, 2005
An old-fashioned pounding
Feb. 21, 2005
A life of dance comes full circle
Jan. 26, 2005
Fabulous Fashions
May 30, 2004
Fighting Back
May 19, 2004
Fashion Fast Track
Jan. 18, 2004
Skipping Class
Feb. 26, 2003
Stark memories of a miracle
Sept. 9, 2002
Mustering a Militia
Sept. 1, 2002


Health and Science Coverage

State's small businesses get health-insurance plan
Aug. 27, 2007
Advocates look to clarify law on drug copays
Aug. 21, 2007
R.I. may get more federal dollars for RIte Care
Aug. 6, 2007
R.I. health insurers preparing new bare-bones plans
July 11, 2007
State to try out innovative insurance plan
July 5, 2007
When things go wrong at a hospital
June 3, 2007
House puts off vote on insurance copays
May 23, 2007
Trans fat ban in R.I. restaurants off the table
May 8, 2007
A Personal Genome Machine?
Harvard Magazine, March-April 2007
Bill would ban trans fats in restaurants, bakeries
Jan. 18, 2007
Alternative Placebos
Harvard Magazine, Sept.-Oct. 2006
Neurons Sort Nouns
Harvard Magazine, July-Aug. 2006
Lawmakers shelve health-insurance plan
June 22, 2006
Zen Brains
Harvard Magazine, May-June 2006
Panel gets a primer on Medicaid
Jan. 24, 2006
Health bill seeks to lower costs for insurance
Jan. 20, 2006
Light Blitzes Plaque
Harvard Magazine, Jan.-Feb. 2006
Blue Cross board denied compensation
Dec. 29, 2005
Vaccine delay postpones some flu clinics
Nov. 11, 2005
Cheering Chow
Harvard Magazine, Sept.-Oct. 2005

Coverage of International Issues

Sudan divestment gets a House hearing
Feb. 15, 2007
Drive builds to divest in firms with business relations in Sudan
Feb. 8, 2007
Nobel author: My words can speak for themselves
Nov. 15, 2006
"Let the people decide"
Nov. 10, 2005
Vigil held for Haitian facing deportation
Nov. 9, 2005
URI sees surge of majors in interdisciplinary French program
Nov. 8, 2005
Former head of Amnesty International in Nepal will speak at Brown Wednesday
Nov. 6, 2005
Activists targeting Chafee on Sudan
Nov. 3, 2005
Liberians optimistic about election, Chafee says
Oct. 14, 2005
Yoga: Rules for "the game of life"
Oct. 13, 2005
Paid to persevere
Oct. 11, 2005
Students bring attention to Darfur
Oct. 7, 2005
One concert, many sounds
July 24, 2005
Viewing Sudan with hope
June 5, 2005
American dream forged by experience
May 6, 2005
Their families' stories keep Armenia alive
April 17, 2005

Award-Winning Stories

When things go wrong at a hospital
Best developed story, Providence Journal writing committee, June 2007
War critic retraces his steps to the spotlight
Best story, deadline writing, Providence Journal writing committee, December 2005
Measuring Up
Best story, "wild card" category, Providence Journal writing committee, July 2005
Guardsmen return from Iraq
Best story, deadline writing, Providence Journal writing committee, March 2005
Man on a mission
Best developed story, Providence Journal writing committee, Sept. 2004
Lincoln man overcomes adversity, gets new heart
First Place: Feature Story, American Heart Association of Rhode Island, 2003
Hidden Beauty
First Place: Religious Feature, Rhode Island Press Assocation, 2002
Tiffany Times
Third Place: Business Feature, Rhode Island Press Assocation, 2002

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